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Password Problems:

AMP uses the same authentication system as does the District Clerk’s Attorney Access to Records Online (AARO) system; however, you cannot use your ARRO username and password to log into AMP.   You should have received an email with your username in it when you signed up for AMP.  If you did not or have lost that email please contact

If you know your username, but don’t know your password, log in to the SSPR application by clicking here or typing into your browser.  You can access the forgot password function your username. If you have changed your password in the past, this system will assist you with resetting that password using your security questions.  If you get the error message, “You have not setup your challenges. Please call the Service Center for assistance,” call 512-854-9175 with your username and they can provide you with a new temporary password.  Please make sure you use SSPR to update your password.

Now that you have your username and password, you should log into AMP easily.  If not, keep reading.


Authentication Card Error:

If you get an error screen that says, “Your session has been authenticated and is valid for 60 minutes,” this is due to your browser being
slow to take you to the AMP home page. Please manually enter the AMP URL ( into the browser address field and press Enter and you should be taken to the AMP home page. This should be a one-time occurrence.

Account Is Not Fully Setup Error:

If you get an error screen that says, “It seems we haven’t set up your account fully,” please email with your username.  

If you have any other problems logging into AMP, please email and be sure to include your name, username, and any error message you are receiving.


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