Capital Area Private Defender Service


CAPDS is currently accepting applications for our felony and misdemeanor mentorship programs.  Applicants should be aware that depending on the course of the pandemic and the functioning of the courts the program my be delayed or extended.  

CAPDS is committed to offering all mentees a high-quality experience.  After an initial training period our program relies on mentees representing clients with the support of experienced mentors and CAPDS staff.  However, the reduced operations of the criminal courts combined with virtual proceedings mean that mentees will not have the same access to court opportunities as in a normal year.   CAPDS will only proceed with our mentorship programs if we are confident that we can provide the same high-quality training prior classes received.

The mentorship program begins with a week long intensive training in late February or earlier March.  Our misdemeanor program lasts for six months and our felony mentorship program lasts one year.  Our misdemeanor program will assist those who do not meet the minimum qualifications for our panel and our felony mentorship program will assist those who do not meet the minimum qualification for our felony panel (C or B panel).  A commitment to CAPDS and indigent defense is expected by all mentees.  

If you are interested, please review our information about becoming a mentee here.